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I knit and draw and stuff.
Mostly I just cry over video games

~No you can't my artwork without my permission~
So I have this little journal called "One Sketch a Day" and naturally, it is what it is. It's like a drawing journal. 
So everyday I've been drawing one thing a day, so at least every day I've been drawing something. It's a great little thing. It takes like 10 minutes out of my day, maybe more if the sketch is a little more detailed. 
Here it is on Amazon if anyone else wants it!…

I recommend that, like, EVERYONE gets this because it's a really good idea!!!
Anyway, I'm on like day 30 already but I've been posting my sketches on my art Instagram:…
I'll be doing these for the next year, so I started in February and I'll end next February. And of course I'm getting another one!
But just to show that I'm not dead, there are my sketches and some paintings I'm doing for work

Most of them are Pokemon ones but no shame
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Trapped and Alone
"We see the Astral Plane, just a few hours ago. This scene is, no pun intended, dead. There are no lights below the surface of the Endless Lake. No movement from the water at all. No sounds of spirits drifting beneath. There's only the motionless storm overhead, the thick layer of black ooze with ribbons of bright color sitting atop the water. We see the Eternal Stockade, the prison in which ill tempered souls are kept. Where escapees from the Astral Plane are detained and rehabilitated. It is a large cold fortress attune from stone and reenforced with steel, sitting on a solitary island on this dead, black lake. And it is disquietly still and silent for a long time.

And then from far away we see a hand punch up through the oil slick surface, sending the only ripples out through this scene for miles. Kravitz has thrashed his way out of the water, fighting through god knows what to get free. He hoists himself up and onto the island where the Eternal Stockade is built upon, cutting strands of thick slime away from himself with his scythe, which he retrieves from the Ether as he takes his Reaper form. Hands attached to long, tenebrous arms materialize in the slime and fly in his direction, but he's too fast now. Too aware. They won't catch him off guard again. He clears a few with a decisive swing of his scythe, then dashes backwards, throwing open the door to the Stockade, and barricading himself inside. It's dark and still in here too's always dark and still in the Stockade.

Kravitz had seen so much in his time as the Raven Queen's Charge, things that most adventurer's given ten lifetimes would never even dream of. Arcane cults worshipping dragons made of light, cities of vast machinery and towers of guided iron, crystalized laboratories rescued by lovable doofuses. But this scene. The world made ink black and frozen. He's never seen anything that could do this before. And if it's happening in the other planes, he knows he's got his work cut out for him today. He raises his scythe and cuts a familiar slice through the air, but no gateway to the living world opens up. He tries again, and then a third time, but to no avail. He hurriedly falls to one knee, pulling a fist full of black feathers from a pocket inside his robe. He lays five feathers out in a circle, attempting to commune with the Raven Queen, seeking comfort and guidance. But for the first time since he joined her retinue, the Raven Queen doesn't answer.

Kravitz does not know what happening, and now he knows two things, at least.
He is trapped and he is alone.


boys im worried about Kravitz....
~No you cannot use my artwork without my permission~
Vogue Elves
🎶 Put on your breaklights - You're in the City of Wonder - Ain't gon play nice - Watch out you might just go under - Better think twice - You're train of thought will be altered - So if you must falter be wise...🎶 
 Cosplay ideas tbh

~No you cannot use my artwork without my permission~
Shadow Man
Imogen finds a mysterious tome. The tome is a bright red, and it clear that it once had black lettering but has vanished away from use and time. There are few pages in the book, but the book is heavy. The pages are thick and have illustrations on each pages. Imogen is too afraid to open the book and view the images on the pages. She can sense the dark magic imitating from within. As she holds the tome, her hands tremble and a chill travels down her spine. Her cloak begins to change black from the bottom, and slowly working it's way to the top. She feels panic rush over her, like a cold wash of water cascading over her body. Despite her fear, she takes the book with her and she runs back to her party. But as she moves, her shadows stretches and grows, changing it's form. She pretends not to hear the laugher on a sinister demon in her head.

Possible DnD campaign ideas??????
~No you cannot use my artwork without my permission~
New Otp
I'm part of a group called "Turnabout Boston" which is a group of Ace Attorney cosplayers in the New England area. 
We had a photoshoot on Saturday night and we had standard prompts for the photoshoot, like by game, then by character, then by prosecution or defense and so on
One of our prompts was "People that are Murderers". My sister, cosplaying Bobby Fulbright, naturally raced up there to pose at *spoilers* the Phantom*spoilers*
There was also a Simon Keyes cosplayer there who was super nice and they were the only two who qualified for "Murderders"
Shenanigans ensued and New OTP was born
This pictures is based on the very real pose the two of them did.

~No you cannot use my artwork without my permission~
I made a Clefable gijinka because I want to cosplay her one day

~No you cannot use my artwork without my permission~


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